八年级下 Unit5
资料整理:Abby Chen
Name: Class: date: Mar. 29th Ⅰ. P37/1
  1. travel around the world 环游旅行
  2. around the world=all over/through the world 全世界
  3. make a lot of money 赚很多钱
  4. get an education 获得教育 Ⅱ. P38/3a-P39/self-check
  1. become a professional athlete 成为职业运动员
  2. seem like a dream job 看起来似乎是一份梦想的工作 seem like sth/ doing sth 看起来似乎,看起来好像 他看起来似乎正在吃着鸡腿。He seems like eating chicken legs. seem to do sth 好像要做某事 她好像要在我们面前唱一首歌。She seems to sing a song in front of us. it seems that+从句 看起来好像,似乎 看来他在撒谎。It seems that he is lying.
  3. make a living by oneself 自己谋生 你必须靠自己谋生。You have to make a living by yourself.
  4. do sth you love 做你喜欢做的事
  5. become famous 成名
  6. be famous for 因…而成名 他因他的伟大发明而出名。 He is famous for his great inventions.
  7. be famous as 作为…而闻名 他作为伟大的发明家而闻名。 He is famous as a great inventor.
  8. give money to schools and charities 给学校和慈善机构捐款
  9. have a chance (of doing sth) 有一个(做某事的)机遇
  10. all the time 一直,始终
  11. watch you all the time= always watch you 总是看着你
  12. follow sb to do sth 跟着某人做某事
  13. everywhere= here and there 到处
  14. make life difficult 使生活变得艰难
  15. play sports for a living 为谋生而搞体育运动
  16. get injured 受伤 他在篮球比赛中受伤了。 He got injured in the basketball game.
  17. have a difficult/ hard time doing sth 很难做某事 Mary 在学英语上遇到了困难。 Mary has a difficult time learning English.
  18. make friends with sb 和某人做朋友
  19. make sb/sth+adj. 使某人/某事…样
  20. in fact 实际上
  21. be against 反对,对…不理
  22. be against doing sth 反对做某事 我反对和其他人打架。 I am against fighting with others.

  23. maybe 与 may be (
  1) maybe 是副词,意为“可能,也许,大概” ,在句中做状语。常置于句首。 --Is that his? ? Maybe, I am not sure. ,在句 (
  2) may be 是“情态动词+动词原形”的形式,意为“可能是,也许是” 中作谓语。 He may be twenty. 他可能 20 岁。 The book many be in the bag. 那本书也许在书包里。 (may be 作谓语) Maybe the book is in the bag. 也许那本书在书包里。(maybe 作状语)
  24. be able to do sth 有能力去做某事
  25. If I eat too much lunch,…如果我午餐吃太多… Too much, too many 与 much too (
  1) too much 后接不可数名词;too many 后接可数名词,意为“太多” 。 他有太多的工作要做。He has too much work to do. 这儿太多人的人。There are too many people here. (
  2) much too 后接形容词或副词,意为“过于,太…” 这个问题太难了,我回答不了。 The question is much too difficult; I can’t answer it.
  26. dye their hair brown 把他们的头发染成棕色 Ⅲ.P41/2a on the earth 与 on earth (
  1) 在名词 earth, sun, moon 前一搬加定冠词,意为“在地球上,在月球上…” (
  2) on earth 表示“在人(世)间,在世(界)上” All life on the earth depends on the sun.地球上的一切生命都依靠太阳。 I’m ready to do anything on earth to save my mother’s life.为了挽救我母亲的生命 我准备去做世界上的任何事情。 (
  3) on earth 可用于 how, who, what, where, why 等疑问词之后,以加强语气,意为 “究竟,到底” 。 What on earth do you mean? 你究竟是什么意思? I can’t guess who on earth would do such a thing! 我想不出到底谁会做这样的事! Ⅳ. P42/4 every day 与 everyday (
  1) every day 是副词词组,作状语,表示“每天,天天” 我们每天讲英语。We speak English every day. (
  2) everyday 是形容词,只作定语,表示“日常的,平常的” 我们应该记住日常英语。We should remember the everyday English. 一.根据句意及首字母提示补全单词(5 分)
  1. In ten year, I think I’ll be a r .
  2. I don’t want to have a f with my cousin. Could you give me some advice?
  3. I f to see where it was going.
  4. What are your p for ten years from now?
  5. I always get n when I take the exam. 二.用所给单词的适当形式填空(10 分)
  1. Please (not arrive) late for school.
  2. Mother asked me (get) up early.

  3. Do you know the (mean) of this word?
  4. you (do) your homework when I came in?
  5. Don’t forget (take) away what you brought me.
  6. I’m sorry it’s (possible) for my father to come today.
  7. I hope they can enjoy (they) at the party.
  8. Tom is one of my (good) friends.
  9. Wait a minute, the doctor (come) soon.
  10. The math teacher said that he (be) hard-working. 三.单项选择 (15 分) ( )
  1. I don’t know there. A. to get B. how get C. where to get D. how to get when he was only four. ( )
  2. He A. was able to swim B. able to swim C. was swimming D. can’t swim ( )
  3. What the police at 4:00 pm yesterday? A. was; doing B. did; do C. were; doing D. does; do ( )
  4.I go there if it tomorrow. A. not rain B. not rains C. doesn’t rain D. won’t rain ( ) 5What’s the problem, Henry? . . A. I don’t have many friends. B. I’m happy to pass the exam C. I’d love to D. you are welcome. ( )
  6.?My clothes are out of style. What should I do? . A. maybe you are right B. maybe you should buy some new ones. C. you should be glad D. you should take a part-time job. ( )
  7.?Do you know ? He will be an actor. A. what will he do B. what will he be C. what he will do D. what he will be ( )
  8.There is in today’s newspaper. I don’t want to read it again. A. something new B. new nothing C. anything new D. nothing new ( )
  9. Li Ping was practicing the piano; Mr. Zhang came into the room. A. when B. While C. Because D. But ( )
  10. The little boy wrote a letter his uncle. A. five-hundred-word B. five-hundred-words C. five-hundreds-word D. five-hundreds-words ( )
  11.Ride you bike carefully or you may get . C. surprised D. injured A. wrong B. upset ( )
  12. ?You look tired! ?Yes. I computer games for two days. A. play B. was playing C. has been playing D. am playing ( )
  13.I think there will be tall buildings and there will be pollution in the future. A. more; fewer B. more; less C. fewer; less D. much; fewer ( )
  14.He said he was having a birthday party his father Sunday night. . A. for; on B. from, in C. with; at D. of; under
  15. ?What did he say? ?He said . A. he is having a surprising party for him B. if she go to her home C. why she want to do that. D. the earth moves around the sun.
四.句型转换(10 分)
  1. I had a good time at the party last night. → I at the party last night.
  2. Tom said, “I’ll go there tomorrow.” (变成间接引语) →Tom said that go there the neat day.
  3. She also had a red bike.(变成否定句) → She have a red bike, .
  4. Jim is eleven years old. Mike is eleven years old, too. (合成一句) → Jim is Mike.
  5. Tom watched TV yesterday afternoon. (用 at 3 o’clock yesterday 改写) → Tom TV at 3 o’clock yesterday.
  6. The girl was shopping when the alien got out (用 while 改写同义句 ) → the girl was , the alien got out.
  7. Jack is good at running. (改为同义句) → Jack in running.
  8. Get up early, or you’ll be late for school. (改为同义句) → you get up early, you’ll be late for school.
  9. I hope my grandparents will be healthy. (改为同义句) →I hope my grandparents will be in .
  10. I’ll finish my homework in half an hour. (就划线部分提问) → will you finish your homework? 一.根据句意及首字母提示补全单词
  2. fight.
  5. nervous 二.用所给单词的适当形式填空
  1. Don’t arrive
  2. to get
  3. meaning
  4.Were doing
  5. to take
  6. impossible
  7. themselves
  8. best
  9. will come
  10. was 三.单项选择 1-5: DAACB 6-10: BCCBA 11-15 DCBAD 四.句型转换
  1. enjoyed myself/had fun
  2.he would
  3.doesn’t, either.
  4.as old as
  5. was watching
  6.While shopping
  7. does well
  8. If don’t
  9. good health
  10.how soon


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