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高考试题 1956 年高考试题
一、阅读测验和英译中 60\%
  1.阅读测验 24\% 细读下面每段文字,然后回答下面的问题(答案必须用英文, 必须简明扼要,不必用完整的句子): A) Prime Minister Nehru of India was warmly received by the Chinese people on his visit to China from October 19 to 30, in19
  54. During his stay in this country,Prime Minister Nehru held cordial and friendly talks with government leaders and visited several industrial centres and places of historic interest. At a press conference held in Peking on October 26,Prime Minister Nehru declared,"…my visit to China ,brief as it has been,will help not only to bring our two countries nearer to one another but will also help the cause of world peace." The peoples of China and India dearly love peace and the efforts they have made for peace have brought notable results. In June, 1954, Premier Chou En-lai visited India and,together with Prime Minister Nehru, put forward the famous five principles for peaceful co-existence.This has
not only further strengthened Sino-Indian friendship but has also set an example in international relationships for the countries of Asia and the whole world. a)How was Prime Minister Nehru received by the Chinese people? b)What places did he visit in China? c)Why did Prime Minister Nehru think his visit to China was an important one? d)What famous principles did Premier Chou En-lai and Prime Minister Nehru put forward when Premier Chou En-lai was in India? B) John Smith had lost his job. It is easy to lose one's job in America,but it is difficult to find a new one.As a matter of fact it was quite impossible for John Smith to find work. He was unemployed and soon found himself in the street. He was unable to pay his rent and the owner of the house he lived in threw him out. And so he had to be out in the street. It was autumn. The wind was cold.The sky was covered with thick gray clouds. The man in the street had no work and no home. He stopped and looked at the sky and the clouds, put his hands in his pockets in order to warm them up and walked on . His clothes were thin and wornout. He was cold and uncomfortable. The weather was unpleasant. He felt hungry,but he did not know where to go. It began to rain. Cold autumn rain fell on the street.The man went into a shop to warm himself up, but the shopkeeper ordered him out.He went out and stopped before a shop-window to look at the things he could not buy.A policeman saw him and told him to move on.
And there are tens of thousands in America like John Smith, cold ,hungry,homeless and without any hope of finding work. a)Why did John Smith find himself in the street? b)Why did he keep his hands in his pockets? c)How did he feel when he was out in the street? d)Why didn't he buy anything in the shop?
  2.英译中 36\% Twelve years ago the peasants of Wukung Village(武 功)were fighting on two fronts?against the Japanese invaders and against famine. In response to the call of the Communist Party of China and Chairman Mao Tse-tung for reorganization in agriculture. Wang Hsing(王兴)and three other peasants obtained a small loan from the local anti-Japanese democratic government to organize a rope-making team.Soon they found themselves in a difficult position.If they kept on making ropes,they could not do farm work at the same time;and if they did not make ropes, they would not earn enough to keep themselves alive. At this moment, Keng Chang-so(耿长锁), a member of the Chinese Communist Party,joined the team. Gradually they overcame many difficulties and succeeded in keeping alive through the famine. 二、中译英 40\% 将下列中文句子译成合乎正确语法的英文,原文意义必须忠 实保持,不可更动。句式和单字次序则不必拘于中文原句,主要 须使英文合乎语法规则,流畅自然。

1956 年答案
  1.阅读测验 A) a)He was warmly received by the Chinese people. b)He visited several Industrial centres and places of historic interest. c)He thought that his visit would bring China and India together. He also thought that his visit was useful/important to world peace(or:would help world peace). d)When Premier Chou En-lai was in India, he and Prime Minister Nehru put forward the five principles for peaceful co-existence.
B) a)He was unable to pay his rent,and the owner of the house he lived in had thrown him out. b)He put his hands in his pockets in order to warm them up. c)He felt cold, hungry and uncomfortable when he was out in the street. d)He couldn't buy anything in the shop because he had no money.
  2.英译中 十二年前武功村的农民正在两条战线上战斗??抵抗日本侵 略者和抵抗饥荒。为了响应中国共产党和毛泽东主席在农业生产 上组织起来的号召,王兴和其他三个农民从当地抗日民主政府那 里得到一小笔贷款,用来组织一个制造麻绳的生产小组。不久他 们发现他们的处境很困难。假若他们继续做绳子,他们就不能同 时在地里做活,假若他们不做绳子,他们的收入便不足以维持他 们的生活。在这个时候,中国共产党的一个党员,耿长锁,加入 了他们的生产小组。他们逐渐克服了许多困难,并且胜利地度过 饥荒,维持了他们的生活。 二、中译英
  1.Our Volunteers are all brave fighters.
  2.How many years has he lived (stayed) in Peking?
  3.That girl is wearing a new dress.
  4.I have not heard this story before.
  5.I saw a good film last night.
  6.It is difficult to answer this question.

  7.My brother speaks better English than I (My brother speaks English better than I).
  8.This interesting book is written by a worker.
  9.He is studying English,because he wants to be an English teacher.
  10.After you have seen him,please write me a letter (please write to me).



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