高一英语(必修二 高一英语(必修二)期末质量检测试题
第Ⅰ卷(共 85 分) 单项选择(共 15 小题,每个 1 分,共 15 分) 第一部分 单项选择
  1. This is the house I once lived A. which
  2. B. in which C. that D . in that
After a long walk, they were tired that they could not move even one step further. A. too B. so C. as D. such

With the time , our happiness grew. A. goes by B. going by C. has gone by D. had gone by
.Have you moved into your new classroom building?
Not yet, it . A. was painted 5 B. is being painted C. has been painted D. is painted
. His pale face suggested he angry and he suggested that we at once. A. would be; leave B. was; left C. was; leave D. was; was leaving
. This book twelve units, two mainly revisions. A.contains; containing B includes; including C contains; including D. includes; containing

The teacher as well as the students whofond of football, playing together. A. is; is B. are; are C is; are D. are; is
8 . Take an umbrella to you from the rain ,which may you from taking a walk. A. protect; stop
  9. B. protect; protect C prevent; protect D. prevent; keep
The king was going to have new clothes this wonderful cloth for the great procession. A. be made of B. made into C. made from D. made of

  10. Tom studies harder this term. , he has made great progress in his lessons. A. Instead B. After all C. By the way D. As a result

  11. She can’t get down to work because she was deeply by the news of his death. A. affected
  12. B. surprised C. harmed D. charged
?Timmy, it is raining heavily out. ?, we must finish this work today.
A. However
B. Anyhow
C. Therefore
D. Though

  13. The World Cup will in Tokyo next month. Do you know how many countries will be? A. happen; taking part
  14. B. be held; taking part C. play; taking part in D. take place; joining in
Selecting a mobile phone for a personal use is no easy task because technology so
rapidly. A. is changing B. will be changed C. will change D. will have changed

  15. A year later, his friend was appointed as a sales manager, but he a salesman. A. reminded B. settled C. worked D. remained
完形填空(共 20 小题,每空
  1.5 分。共 30 分) 第二部分 完形填空 People from Great Britain brought the English language to North America in the 16th and 17th centuries. And in the \\_\\_16\\_\\_ 300 years, there were so many17\\_\\_ in both places that now people can easily18\\_\\_ an English person from an American in the19\\_\\_ he or she talks. Many old words20\\_\\_ in England but were kept in America. example,300 years ago people For in Great Britain got their water from something they21\\_\\_either a“faucet”,“spigot”,or a“tap”.All these words are22\\_\\_ heard in different parts of America, but only “tap”is still23\\_\\_ in England.Americans often make24\\_\\_ new words or change old ones. “Corn”is one kind of plant in America and25\\_\\_ in England. Also, over the last three centuries the English language has26\\_\\_ thousands of new words for things that weren’t27\\_\\_ before. And often, American and English people used two\\_\\_28\\_\\_ names for them. A tin can is called“tin”for short in English, but a “can”in America.The word “radio”is\\_\\_29\\_\\_all over the world, including America.But many English people call it a “wireless”.And almost anything30\\_\\_ something to do with cars, railroads, etc . has different31\\_\\_ in British and American English. But now American and British English may be32\\_\\_ closer together. One thing is that\\_\\_ 33\\_\\_ people can hear a large amount of American speech daily in34\\_\\_, on television, or from travelers. Because of this, Americans35\\_\\_ to be influencing the British more and more. So some day, English may even be the same on both sides of the Atlantic.
  16. A. past
  17. A. citizens B.recent B.inventions C.oldest C.changes D.latest D.advances

  18. A. pick
  19. A. voice
B.tell B.place
C.take C.language C.returned C.spoke C.clearly C.common C.up C.none C. improved C.introduced C.different C.developed C.getting C.degrees C.living C.educated C.movies C.seem
D.judge D.way D.formed D.called D.still D.lively D.out D.something D.learned D.understood D.surprising D.used D.making D.parts D.growing D.ordinary D.newspapers D.happen

  20. A. disappeared B.stayed
  21. A. said
  22. A. then
  23. A. necessary
  24. A. of
  25.A. another
  26.A. discovered
  27.A. accepted
  28.A. new
  29.A. produced
  30.A. having
  31.A. types
  32.A. putting
  33.A. British
  34.A. families
  35.A. need B. talked B.hardly B.native B.into B.the other B.added B.known B.short B.made B.bringing B.names B.staying B.American B.buses B.expect
第三部分:阅读理解 第三部分:阅读理解(共 10 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 20 分) 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出最佳选项,并在答题卡 上将该项涂黑. A That cold January night, I was growing sick of my life in San Francisco. There I was, walking home at one in the morning after a tiring practice at the theatre. With opening night only a week ago, I was still learning my lines. I was having trouble dealing with my part-time job at the bank and my acting at night at the same time. As I walked, I thought seriously about giving up both acting and San Francisco. City life had become too much for me. As I walked down empty streets under tall buildings, I felt very small and cold. I began running, both to keep warm and to keep away from any possible robbers (抢劫犯). Very few
people were still out except a few sad-looking homeless people under blankets. About a block from my apartment (公寓房间), I heard a sound behind me. I turned quickly, half expecting to see someone with a knife or a gun. The street was empty. All I saw was a shining streetlight. Still, the noise had made me nervous, so I started to run faster. Not until I reached my apartment building and unlocked the door did I realize what the noise had been. It had been my wallet falling to the sidewalk. Suddenly I wasn’t cold or tired anymore. I ran out of the door and back to where I’d heard the noise. Although I searched the sidewalk anxiously for fifteen minutes, my wallet was nowhere to be found. Just as I was about to give up the search, I heard the garbage truck (垃圾车) pull up to the sidewalk next to me. When a voice called from the inside, “ Alisa Camacho?” I thought I was dreaming. How could this man know my name? the door opened, and out jumped a small red-haired man with an amused look in his eye. “Is this what you’re looking for?” he asked, holding up a small square shape. It was nearly 3 A.M. by the time I got into bed. I wouldn’t get much sleep that night, but I had gotten my wallet back. I also had gotten back some enjoyment of city life. I realized that the city couldn’t be a bad place as long as people were welling to help each other.
  36. How did the write feel when she was walking home after work? A. Cold and sick C. Satisfied and cheerful B. Fortunate and helpful D. Disappointed and helpless

  37. From the first paragraph, we learn that the write was busy . A. solving her problem at the bank C. learning acting in a n evening school
  38. On her way home the writer . A. lost her wallet unknowingly C. was robbed of her wallet by an armed man B. was stopped by a garbage truck driver D. found some homeless people following her B. taking part in various city activities D. preparing for the first night show

  39. In the fifth paragraph, why did the writer say she was dreaming? A. Someone offered to take her back home. B. A red-haired man came to see her. C. She heard someone call her name D. Her wallet was found in a garbage truck.

  40. From the text, we can infer that the writer .
A. would stop working at night B. would stay on in San Francisco C. would make friends with cleaners D. would give up her job at the bank. B “Soon, you’re going to have to move out!” cried my neighbor upon seeing the largest tomato plant known to mankind, or at least known in my neighborhood. One tiny 9-inch plant, bought for $
  1.25 in the spring, has already taken over much of my rose bed, covering much of other plants, and is well on its way to the front door. Roses require a good deal of care, and if it weren’t for the pleasure they give, it wouldn’t be worth the work. As it is, I have a garden full of sweet-smelling roses for most of the year. bushes must be pruned(剪枝) in early spring, leaving ugly woody branches until the new growth appears a few weeks later. It was the space available(可用的) in the garden that led me into planting just one little tomato plant. A big mistake. Soil conditions made just perfect for roses turn out be even more perfect for tomatoes. The daily watering coupled with full sun and regular fertilizing (施肥) have turned the little plant into a tall bush. The cage I placed around it as the plant grew has long since disappeared under the thick leaves. Now the task I face in harvesting the fruit is twofold; First, I have to find the red ones among the leaves, which means I almost have to stand on my head, and once found I have to reach down and under, pick the tomatoes and withdraw(缩回) my full fist without dropping the prize so dearly won. I found two full-blown white roses completely hidden as I picked tomatoes in June. But they were weak and the leaves already yellow for lack of light. Here I am faced with a painful small decision: To tear up a wonderful and productive tomato plant that offers up between ten and twenty ripe sweet tomatoes each day or say goodbye to several expensive and treasured roses. Like Scarlett in Gone With the Wind, I’ll think about that tomorrow.
  41.What ate the requirements for the healthy growth of rose? A.A lot of care and the right soil. C.Tomato plants grown alongside. B.Frequent pruning and fertilizing. D.Cages placed around the roots.

  42.The writer planted the tomato because . A.it cost only $
  1.25 C.there was room for it in the garden B.the soil was just right for it D.the roses’ branches needed to be covered

  43.This year the writer’s roses were . A.removed from the rose bed C.mostly damaged by too much sunlight B.picked along with the tomatoes D.largely hidden under the tomato plant

  44.By saying “the prize so dearly won” in paragraph 5, the writer wants to . A.show the difficulty in picking the tomatoes C.express her liking for the roses B.show the hardship of growing the roses D.express her care for the tomatoes

  45.In the situation described in the text, one good thing is that . A.the roses cost the writer little money B.the writer has a daily harvest of tomatoes
C.someone will help the writer make the decision D.the writer can now enjoy both the roses and tomatoes C In America, when people say “man’s best friend”, they don’t mean another person. Instead, they are talking about a lovely animal:A dog! These words show the friendship between people and animals. Dogs and other pets can give happiness to people’s lives. Some people think of their pets as their children. A few even leave all their money to their pets when they die! Animals can help people, too. Dogs can be taught to become the “eyes”for a blind person or “ears”for a deaf people. Scientists have found that pets help people live longer! They make people happier, too. Because of that, animals are brought into hospitals for “visit”. Americans hold “BeKind-to-Animals Week”in the first week of May. Pets shows are held during the week. Even if you don’t live in America, you, too, can do this. How? First, think about how animals make your life richer. If you have a pet, take more time this week to play with it. Remember to give it delicious food. Also, be sure to keep your pet from those unwanted babies. If you don’t have a pet, be kind to animals around you. For example, if you see a street dog, don’t kick(踢)it or throw things at it. Instead, just leave it alone, or beter yet, make friends with it. If others around you do bad things to an animal, try to shop them. As people, we must protect animals who can’t speak for themselves.
  46. “A few even leave all their money to their pets when they die!”means that A. pets have the right (权力) to inherit (继承) money.
B. money can give pets happiness. C. it’s the best way to spend money. D. some pets are taken as children.
  47. Why are dogs brought to hospitals? A. Because they are ill and need to see doctors. B. Because they can make the patients happier. C. Because they can find out the problems of the patients. D. Because doctors can do experiments (实验) on them.
  48. What’s the most popular activity in the “Be-Kind-to-Animals Week”? A. Holding a pet show in the week. B. Playing with pets the whole week. C. Cooking delicious food for pets. D. Making friends with other people’s pets.
  49. What’s the passage mainly about? A. A lot of people are interested in dogs. B. Dogs can help people do many things. C. Pets are lovely and need care and pr



  永州市 2010 年上期期末质量检测试卷高 一 生 物考生注意: 1.本试卷包括第Ⅰ卷和第Ⅱ卷,共 8 页,第Ⅰ卷 1~4 页,第Ⅱ卷 5~8 页。满分 100 分。 考试时量 90 分钟。 2.在密封线内填写好相应项目。 3.请将第Ⅰ卷答案填写到第 5 页的“第Ⅰ卷答题栏”内,第Ⅱ卷答案用钢笔或圆珠笔 直接答在试卷上。 4.考试结束时,请将第Ⅱ卷交回。第Ⅰ卷的。 1. 下列性状中属于相对性状的是 A.人的身高与体重 C.猫的白毛与蓝眼(选择题,共 50 分)本卷共 25 小题,每小题 2 分。 ...


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  天津市龙文环球教育南开芥园道(红桥)校区友情提供,地址:天津市红桥区芥园道 136 号紫芥园底 商明华里公交站旁,电话:27573262,联系人:王主任高三第一学期期末质量检测生 物 试 题本试卷分第Ⅰ卷(选择题)和第Ⅱ卷(非选择题)两部分,共 72 分。考试时间 100 分钟。第Ⅰ卷(选择题共 32 分)在每小题列出的四个选项中,选出符合题目要求的一项。 1.下列物质中都含有氮元素的是 ( ) A.胰岛素和淀粉 B.胰岛素和糖元 C.核糖核酸和糖元 D.核糖核酸和胰岛素 2.活细胞内合成淀粉酶 ...


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  六年级科学上册期中测试题1、微生物是一类非常微小的生命体,通常要借助( 2、在适宜温度下,()才可以看清楚。)会使牛奶发酵变成酸奶。 )。3、青霉分泌出的某种物质能杀死细菌,这种物质叫( 4、物体在( 5、( )和 ()的环境条件下,容易发霉。)是构成生物体的基本单位 。 )、( )、( )。 )、( )、( )、( )、( )、 )。6、地球的内部分为(7、古代人认为地球的形状是( 8、地球表面的主要地形地貌有( ( )。 )、(9、生物体的的( 过程。)过程就是细胞的()、()10 石头长期 ...


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  生物中考试题汇编?? ??生态系统和生物圈 2010 生物中考试题汇编??生态系统和生物圈一、选择题 1.(2010 浙江温州)18.江心屿是国家 4A 级旅游风景区,岛上有榕树、樟树、蕨类植物、 水生植物及其它多种生物。江心屿上的所有生物构成 A.种群 B.群落 C.生态系统 D.植被 答案:B 2.(2010 南通)14.自然条件下,生态系统能够在较长时间内维持相对稳定,其主要原因 是 A.生态系统具有一定的自我调节能力 B.生态系统的营养结构简单 C.物质循环能持续进行 D.能量流动能持续 ...


  高三语文高考冲刺(一) 教师:崔劲松斯人善减肥??江西卷满分作文捧一曲流觞月,思一腔今古情。孟子云:故天将降大任于斯人也,必先苦其心志, 劳其筋骨,饿其体肤。 从古至今, 斯人像 “雨燕” “减肥” , 之后, 直刺霄汉! 一、苏武凭“坚”减肥 是你,“云天雁断胡天月,塞上烟草陇羊归”。你独守荒野,任凭风吹雨打,巍然 屹立,千秋不倒。你更是独守心灵的一方净土,于乾坤玉宇中熠熠生辉。你不惧威武, 依然不移;你不惧权贵,依然惟我独尊。铮铮铁骨,挑亮了你的梦。 坚守的心灵沃土的你,凭“坚”减去了你的“ ...