n detective work. D) It helps identify the drinking habits of the person under investigation. Part V Cloze (15 minutes) Kimiyuki Suda should be a perfect customer for Japan’s car-makers. He’s a young, successful executive at an Internet-services company in Tokyo and has plenty of disposable 67 . He used to own Toyota’s Hilux Surf, a sport utility vehicle. But now he uses 68 subways and grains . “It’s not inconvenient at all ,” he says 69 , “having a car is so 20th century.” Suda reflects a worrisome 70 in Japan; the automobile is losing its emotional appeal, 71 among the young ,who prefer to spend their money on the latest electronic devices. 72 mini-cars and luxury foreign brands are still popular ,everything in between is 73 .Last years sales fell
  6.7 percent,
  7.6 percent 74 you don’t count the mini-car market . There have been
75 one-year drops in other nations :sales in Germany fell 9 percent in 2007 76 a tax increase . But experts say Japan is 77 in that sales have been decreasing steadily 78 time. Since 1990, yearly new-car sales have fallen from
  7.8 million to
  5.4 million units in 20
  07. Alarmed by this state of 79 , the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA) 80 a comprehensive study of the market in 20
  06. It found that a 81 wealth gap, demographic(人口结构的) changes and 82 lack of interest in cars led Japanese to hold their 83 longer , replace their cars with smaller ones 84 give up car ownership altogether .JAMA 85 a further sales decline of
  1.2 percent this year. Some experts believe that if the trend continues for much longer , further consolidation (合并) in the automotive sector is 86 .
  67. A) profit C) income B) payment D) budget
  68. A) mostly C) occasionally B) partially D) rarely
  69. A) Therefore C) Otherwise B) Besides D) Consequently
  70. A) drift C) current B) tide D) trend
  71. A) remarkably C) specially B) essentially D )particularly
  72. A) While C) When B) Because D) Since
  73. A) surging C) slipping B) stretching D) shaking
  74. A) unless C) as B) if D) after
  75. A) lower C) broader B) slighter D) larger
  76. A) liable to C) thanks to B) in terms of D) in view of
  77. A) unique C) mysterious B) similar D) strange
  78. A) over C) on B) against D) behind
  79. A) mess C) growth B) boom D) decay
  80. A) proceeded C) launched B)relieved D) revised
  81. A) quickening C) strengthening B) widening D) lengthening
  82. A) average C) abundant B) massive D) general
  83. A) labels C) vehicles B) cycles D) devices

  84. A) or C) but B) until D) then
  85. A) concludes C) reckons B) predicts D) prescribes
  86. A) distant C) temporary B) likely D) immediate Part VI Translation (5 minutes) Directions: Complete the sentences by translating into English the Chinese given in brackets. Please write your translation on Answer Sheet
  87. Soon after he transferred to the new school , Ali found that he had (很难跟上班里 的同学)in math and English.
  88. If she had returned an hour earlier , Mary (就不会被大雨淋湿了).
  89. It is said that those who are stressed or working overtime are (更有可能增加 体重).
  90. (很多人所没有意识到的) is that Simon is a lover of sports. and football in particular.
  91.The study shows that the poor functioning of the human body is (与缺乏锻炼密 切相关) 参考答案 Part I Writing Free Admission to Museums Nowadays, an increasing number of museums are admission-free to visitors home and abroad. The hidden reason behind this is not hard to analyze as there’s a growing awareness for the authorities regarding the urgency of popularization of culture, knowledge and history with every average person in our society. Only with free access to this live ‘database’, can most people fully enjoy what museums could offer to them. However, free admission to museums might lead to some social problems as well. The most obvious problem is that it might give museums a very heavy economic burden which directly impedes the sustainable development of these organizations. As a result, our government has to work out other ways to collect funds from different channels, which might be difficult to operate or control. On the other hand, free admission attracts too many visitors, some of which might not be well-purposed and do some conscious or unconscious damage to the valuable treasures which used to be well-preserved in the museums. As a university student, I am in favor of the free-admission conduct. Yet it is proposed that some measures should be taken to solve the potential problems caused by it. For example, museums can make some regulations to guide the behavior of visitors or set some ‘closed’ days for museums for regular maintenance. Only in this way can free-admission to museums become a long-lasting phenomenon and have sustainable development. Part II Reading Comprehension (Skimming and Scanning) 阅读答案
  1. A. He just wouldn’t look her in the dye。
  2. C cultural ignorance
  3.B Increasing understanding of people of other cultures。
  4.B A personnel training company。

  5. D he must get rid of his gender bias
  6.C It helped him make fair decisions。
  7.A He told him to get the dates right。
  8. embarrassed
  9. inclusiveness
  10. differences and similarities 听力: 短对话
  11. She has always enjoyed great popularity
  12. They are going to have a holiday
  13. He was very courageous
  14. Buy a new washing machine
  15. He is not excited about his new position
  16. The man offers to drive the women to the party
  17. Finalizing a contract
  18. She ordered some paper 长对话 19 He can no longer work at sea 20 She passed away years ago 21 She has never got on with her father 22 He is excellent but looks bad-tempered 23 Some of the packs do not contain manuals 24 solve the problem at her company’s cost 25 Ideal 短文: 26 C it’s entertaining 27C they may catch some disease 28D continue the feeding till it get warm 29C he will lie whenever he wants 30A she made him apologize 31D move furniture for her 32A the atmosphere they live in is rather unreal 33D he has too much to know the value of things 34D she has no time to do it herself 35D the lifestyle depicted in Hollywood movies 复合式听写答案: 36 concentrated 40 row 37 information 41 suspected 38 depends 42 phenomenon (现象) 39 straight 43 efficiently 44 our second rule of learning is this: it is better to study fairly briefly but often。 45 Let’ say you are trying to learn some new and rather difficult English vocabulary using s a stack of cards。 46 The answer is it is better to space out the presentations of the word you are to learn。

  47. M require
  48. I painful
  49.F especially
  50. E enormous
  51.H mission
  52. D enhance
  53. B daily
  54.J performance
  55. K profession 56 A daily 57 A it inspired many leading designers to start going green 58 D quality organic replacements for synthetics are not readily available 59 D are gaining more and more support 60 A she doesn't seem to care about it 61 B it has a very promising future 62 B a person's hair may reveal where they have lived。 63 C food and drink leave traces in one's body tissues 64 B the water it delivers becomes lighter when it moves inland。 65 D a chart illustrating the movement of the rain system。 66 C it helps the police narrow down possibililities in detective work。 完型:
  67. D. budget
  68. A. mostly
  69. B. besides
  70. D. trend
  71.D. particularly
  72. A. while
  73. D. shaking
  74. B. if
  75. D. larger
  76.D. in view of
  77. A. unique
  78. A. over
  79. D. decay
  80. A. proceeded
  81.B. widening
  82. B. massive
  83. C. vehicles
  84. A. or
  85. B. predict
  86.B. likely 翻译
  87. difficulty (in) catching up with his classmates
  88. wouldn’t have been caught by the rain
  89. more likely to put on weight
  90. What many people don’t realize
  91. closely relative to the lack of exercise



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