2008 年度全国职称外语等级考试试卷 卫生类 B 级
  1-1 5 题, 每题 1 分, 共 15 分) 第 1 部分:词汇选项 下面每个句子中均有 1 个词或短语划有底横线,请为每处划线部分确定 1 个意义最为 接近的选项。
  1. She found me very dull A dirty B sleepy C boring D lazy
  2. The President made a brief visit to Beijing A working B short C formal D secret
  3. He was persuaded to give up the idea A mention B accept C drop D consider
  4. Jack Consumes a pound of cheese a day A drinks B eats C buys D produces 5 Mary just told US a very fascinating story A strange B frightening C interesting D difficult
  6. It's a gorgeous day anyway A cold B lovely C normal D rainy
  7. Her life is becoming more diverse. A generous B humorous C romantic D varied
  8. Foreign military aid was prolonging the war A broadening B worsening C accelerating D extending
  9. She was unwilling to go but she had no choice A unable B indecisive C reluctant D ready
  10. She is slender, with delicate wrists and ankles A sick B weak C pale D slim
  11. With immense relief, I stopped running. A enormous B some C little D extensive
  12. The scientists began to accumulate data. A handle B collect C analyze D investigate
  13. Jack eventually overtook the last truck. A passed B hit C reached D led 14 Sometimes it is advisable to book hotels in advance A possible B profitable C wise D easy 15 The reason for their unusual behavior remains a puzzle. A mystery B fact C statement D game 部分:阅读判断(第
  16~22 题,每题 1 分,共 7 分) 第 2 部分:阅读判断 下面的短文后列出了 7 个句子, 请根据短文的内容对每个句子做出判断: 如果该句提供 的是正确信息, 请选择 A;如果该句提供的是错误信息, 请选择 B;如果该句的信息文中没 有提及, 请选择 C。
Survey Finds Many Women Misinformed about Cancer Sixty-three percent of American women think that if there’s no family history of cancer, you’re not likely to develop the disease, a new survey found. In fact, most people who develop cancer have no family history of cancer, according to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists(ACOG)(美国妇产科医师学会), which sponsored the survey. “Too many women are dying from cancer, “Dr. Douglas W. Laube, ACOG’s immediate past president, said during a Friday teleconference. “An estimated 200, 070women will die in the U. S. this year, and over 600, 078 women will be diagnosed with cancer, The results of this survey found a worrisome(令人担忧的)gap in women’s know ledge about cancer.” Based on the findings. ACOG is increasing its efforts to educate women about cancer and the need for regular screening tests. Although the survey found many misconceptions(错误观念)about cancer, 76 percent of women surveyed did say they feel knowledgeable about how they can reduce their risk of the disease. However, only 52 percent said they were doing enough to reduce that risk. And 10 percent said they hadn’t done anything in the past year to lower their risk. Seventeen percent said they wouldn’t change their lifestyles, even if changes would lower their cancer risk. Many women said they were afraid to undergo screening out of fear of finding cancer。 Twenty percent said they didn’t want to know if they had cancer. In response to these findings, ACOG will launch on Oct. 29 a new website?Protect& Detect:What Women Should Know about Cancer. The guide is designed to help women to take charge of their health and improve their understanding of their risk of cancer?and the lifestyle steps they can take to cut that risk.
  16. Many American women have a poor knowledge of cancer A Right B Wrong C Not mentioned
  17. People with no family history of cancer are unlikely to develop cancer A Right B Wrong C Not mentioned
  18. More women are dying from cancer than men in America A Right B Wrong C Not mentioned
  19. Most American women know too little about how to lower their cancer risk A Right B Wrong C Not mentioned
  20. Some American women are just unwilling to change their lifestyles. A Right B Wrong C Not mentioned
  21. Some American Women are too afraid of finding cancer to undergo screening A Right B Wrong C Not mentioned
  22. ACOG’s efforts to educate women about cancer will be greatly appreciated. A Right B Wrong C Not mentioned 部分:概括大意与完成句子(第
  23~30 题,每题 1 分,共 8 分) 第 3 部分:概括大意与完成句子 下面的短文后有 2 项测试任务:(
  1)第 23~26 题要求从所给的 6 个选项中为第
  1~4 段每
段选择 1 个最佳标题;(
  2)第 27~30 题要求从所给的 6 个选项中为每个句子确定 1 个最佳选 项。 Depression and the Elderly 1 We all feel sad at times. However, clinical depression is a serious matter. Clinical depression, sometimes called major depression, is a biologically based brain disorder that affects one’s thoughts, feelings, behavior, and physical health. When people complain that they feel terrible, they have no interest or take no pleasure in things, have trouble sleeping. 1ack energy, have poor appetite, or cannot concentrate, depression Is a definite possibility. 2 Depression in its many forms affects more than
  6.5 million of the 35 million Americans who are 65 years or older. Most older people with depression have been suffering from episodes(发 作)of the illness during much of their lives. For others, depression has a first onset(起病)in late life--even for those in their 80s and 90s. Depression in older persons is closely associated with dependency and disability and causes great suffering for the individual and the family. 3 Many older people and their families don’t recognize the symptoms of depression, aren’t aware that it is a medical illness, and don’t know how it is treated. Others may mistake the symptoms of depression as signs of dementia(痴呆) 。Also, many older people think that depression is a character flaw(缺陷)and are worried about being stigmatized(给…带来耻辱), SO they blame themselves for their illness and are too ashamed 羞耻的) get help, Others worry ( to that treatment would be too costly. 4 Older persons with depression rarely seek treatment for the illness. Unrecognized and untreated depression has fatal consequences in terms of both suicide and non-suicide mortality(死 亡率). The highest rate of suicide in the US is among older white men. Depression is the single most significant risk factor for suicide in that population. Tragically, many of those people who go on to commit suicide have reached 0ut for help--
  20%see a doctor the day they die,
  40%the week they die, and
  70%in the month they die. Yet depression is frequently missed. 23 Paragraph 124 Paragraph 225 Paragraph 326 Paragraph 4A. What are the consequences of untreated depression in older people? B. How common is depression in later life? C. What is depression? D. What relieves depression in older people? E. Why does depression in older people often go untreated? F. Can depression in older people be treated?
  27. Clinical depression is different from
  28. Depression in older people is strongly linked with
  29. Depression is regarded by many older people as
  30. Many older people commit suicide as a result ofA. unrecognized and untreated depression
B. a character flaw C. normal sadness and grief D. a definite possibility E. dependency and disability F. a significant risk factor 部分:阅读理解(第
  31~45 题,每题 3 分,共 45 分) 第 4 部分:阅读理解 下面有 3 篇短文,每篇短文后有 5 道题。请根据短文内容,为每题确定 1 个最佳选项。 第一篇 U. S. Life Expectancy Hits New High Life expectancy rates in the United States are at an all?time high, with people born in 2005 projected to live for nearly 78 years, a new federal study finds The finding reflects a continuing trend of increasing life expectancy that began in 1955, when the average American lived to be
  69.6 years old. By 1995, life expectancy was
  75.8 years, and by 2005, it had risen to
  77;9 years, according to the report released Wednesday. “This is good news, “said report CO?author Donna Hoyert, a health scientist at the National Center for Health Statistics. “It’s even beer news that it is a continuation of trends, so it is a long period of continuing improvement.’’ Despite the upward trend, the United States still has a lower life expectancy than some 40 other countries, according to the U. S. Census(人口普查)Bureau. The country with the longest life expectancy is Andorra at
  83.5 years, followed by Japan, Macau, San Marino and Singapore. Much of the increase owes to declining death rates from the three leading causes of death in the country?heart disease, cancer and stroke. In addition, in 2005, the U. S. death rate dropped to an all?time low of less than 800 deaths per 100,0
  00. Dr. David Katz director of the Prevention Research Center at Yale University School of Medicine, said, “News that life expectancy is increasing is, of course, good. But the evidence we have suggests that there is more chronic disease than ever in the U.S.’’ Adding years to life is a good thing, Katz said. “But adding vital life to years is at least equally important. If we care about living well, and not just longer, we still have our work cut out for us. ” he said.
  31. Since 1 955, life expectancy rates in the U.S. have A. moved up and down. B. been declining. C. been on the rise. D. remained steady.
  32. Compared with the country with the longest life expectancy, the U.S. is A. nearly 3 years behind. B. nearly 4 years behind. C. nearly 8 years behind. D. nearly 6 years behind.
  33.The increase in the U.S. life expectancy is mostly due to A. increasing life expectancy rates in some other countries。 B. declining death rates from heart disease. cancer and stroke C. a rise in the rate of chronic disease.
D. a declining birth rate.
  34. Which of the following Statements is NOT true? A. The U.S.1ife expectancy is at a, n all-time high. B. The U.S. death rate was at an all:time low in 2005 C. The annual death rate in the U.S. is over 800 deaths per 100,000 D. Chronic disease appears to be at an all?time high in the U.S.
  35. The expression “adding vital life to years “ in the last paragraph means A. living well. B. living longer. C. living longer and well. D living at any cost.
第二篇 When Fear Takes Control of the Mind A panic attack is a sudden feeling of terror. Usually it does not last long, but it may feel like forever. The cause can be something as normally uneventful as driving over abridge or flying in an airplane. And it can happen even if the person has driven over many bridges or flown many times before. A fast heartbeat, sweaty hands, difficulty breathing, a dizzy feeling. At first a person may have no idea what is wrong. But these can all be signs of what is known as panic disorder. The first appearance usually is between the ages of 1 8 and
  25. In some cases it develops after a tragedy, like the death of a loved one, or some other difficult situation. In the United States, the National Institute of Mental Health says more than two million people are affected in any one?year period. The American Psychological Association says panic disorder is two times more likely in women than men. And it can last anywhere from a few months to a lifetime. Panic attacks can be dangerous?for example, if a person is driving at the time. The Chesapeake Bay Bridge in the state of Maryland is so long and so high over the water, it is famous for scaring motorists. There is even a driver assistance program to help people get across. Some people who suffer a panic attack develop a phobia(恐惧病), a deep fear of ever repeating the activity that brought on the attack. But expels say panic disorder can be treated. Doctors might suggest anti-anxiety or antidepressant (抗抑郁的) medicines. Talking to a counselor could help a person learn to deal with or avoid a panic attack. There are breathing methods, for example, that might help a person calm down. Panic disorder is included among what mental health professionals call anxiety disorders. A study published last week reported a link between anxiety disorders and several physical diseases. It says these include thyroid (甲状腺的) disease, lung and stomach problems, migraine headaches (偏头痛) allergic and (过敏的) conditions. Researchers at the University of Manitoba in Canada say that in most cases the physical condition followed the anxiety disorder. But, they say, exactly how the two are connected remains unknown.
  36. Which is NOT a possible sign of panic disord



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