2006 年 6 月高等学校英语应用能力 B 级试题
Part I Listening Comprehension(15 minutes)
Directions: This part is to test your listening ability. It consists of 3 sections
Section A
  1. A、Yes, I like it.
B、Thank you.
C、Yes, of course.
D、So do I.

A、Yes, I have
B、Yes, it is
C、I like the city.
D、It’s a famous city.

B、Not at all.
C、My pleasure.
D、Nothing, thank you.

A、No, thanks.
B、I often drink tea at home.
C、 Not likely.
D、No problem

A、It’s important.
B、Thank you.
C、Yes, I will.
D、No, it isn’t.
Section B
  6. A、A work schedule.
B、A computer problem.
C、A business plan.
D、A computer class.

A、She’s a secretary.
B、She’s a manager.
C、She’s an engineer.
D、She’s a teacher.

A、A contract
B、A product.
C、A list.
D、A book.

A、In a restaurant.
B、In a post-office.
C、At a railway station.
D、At the airport.

A、This morning.
B、Anytime today.
C、Next morning.
D、Tomorrow morning.
Section C Modern technology has a big influence on our daily life. New devices are widely used today. For example, we have to(
  11) the Internet every day. It is becoming more and more (
to nearly everybody. Now it’s time to think about how the Internet influences us,
it has on our social behavior and what the future world will look like. The
Internet has (
changed our life; there is no doubt about that. I think that the
Internet has changed our life in a(
Part II Vocabulary and Structure (15 minutes) Section A Directions: There are 10 incomplete statements here. You are required to complete each statement by choosing the appropriate answer from the 4 choices marked A, B, C and D. You should mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the center.

  16.David has much work to do that he is staying late at his office. A、such
  17.I tried hard, but I couldn’t find the to the problem. A、solution
  18.I can’t find the key to my office. I have lost it on my way home.
C、 must
D、ought to
  19.There are three colors in the British flag, red, white and blue. A、rarely
  20.As far as I’m concerned, I don’t like in that way. A、to be treated
B、to treat
  21.My impression of the service in the hotel was that it had really . A、imagined
  22.The policeman stopped the driver and found that he alcohol. A、drinks
B、has drunk
C、is drinking
D、had drunk

  23.There was a heavy fog this morning, so none of the planes could . A、get through
B、take off
C、pull out
D、break away
  24. writing a letter to the manager, he decided to talk to him in person. A、Instead of
B、Because of
C、As for
D、Due to
  25.Lisa was busy taking notes Mark was searching the Internet for the information. A、until
Section B Directions: There are also 10 incomplete statements here. You should fill in each blank with the proper form of the word given in the brackets. Write the word or words in the corresponding space on the Answer Sheet.

  26.Of all the hotels in the city, this one is the (good)

  27. Yesterday they received a written(invite)
to a dinner from Mr. Black.

  28.That new film is worth (see)
for the second time.

  29. Next week we(sign)
the sales contract with the new supplier.

speaking, he is a person that you can trust.

  31.The new machine ought to (test)
before it is put to use.

  32.If your credit(信誉) is good, you will be allowed (use)
the credit card.

  33.It will be very (help)
if each member presents his or her opinion at the meeting.

  34.The number of sales people who have left the company (be)
very small.

  35.It is well-known that sports will (strength) Part III Reading Comprehension (40 minutes) Task 1
the friendship between nations.
Directions: After reading the following passage, you will find 5 questions or unfinished statements, marked 36 to
  40. For each question or statement there are 4 choices marked A, B, C and D. You should make the correct choice and mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the center. Unlike Britain, the US does not have a national health care service. The government does help pay for some medical care for people who are on low incomes and for old people, but most people buy insurance (保险) to help pay for medical care. The problems of those who cannot afford insurance are an important political subject. In Britain, when people are ill, they usually go to a family doctor first, however, people in America sometimes go straight to an expert without seeing their family doctor first. Children are usually taken to a doctor who is an expert in the treatment (治疗) of children. In Britain, if a patient needs to see a specialist doctor, their family doctor will usually recommend a specialist. Doctors do not go to people’s homes when they are ill. People always make appointments to see the doctor in the doctor’s office. In a serious situation, people call for an ambulance (救护车), in America, hospitals must treat all seriously ill patients, even if they do not have medical insurance. The government will then help pay for some of the cost of the medical care.
  36. Some medical care is paid by the U.S. government for . A、people living in the country
B、non-government officials
C、people with insurance
D、the poor and the old
  37. Most people in the United States buy insurance . A、to pay for their own medical care
B、to help to live on their low incomes
C、to improve the national health care service
D、to solve one of the important political problems
  38. What do British people usually do when they are ill? A、They go to see their family doctor first.
B、They go to see a specialist doctor first.
C、They call for a specialist doctor.
D、They call for a family doctor.
  39. In America, seriously ill patients will . A、be treated if they have an insurance
B、make an appointment with a specialist only
C、receive treatment even without insurance
D、normally go to see an expert for treatment
  40. Which of the following would be the best title for this passage? A、Types of Doctors in the United States
B、Health Care in the United States and Britain
C、Treatment of Sick Children in the United States
D、Medical Insurance in the United States and Britain
Task 2 Directions: This task is the same as Task
  1. The 5 questions or unfinished statements are numbered 41 to
  45. Dear sir or Madam, The MDC Company was established in 2001 and in four short years has become on of the most successful companies in the market place. For this, we are pleased, proud and grateful. We are pleased because our customers have confirmed our belief that if the products we offer are new, exciting, innovative (有创意的) and of excellent quality, they will be purchased.
We are proud because we know we are a company that keeps its word to its customers; that guarantees that any product can be returned within 30 days if it proves to be unsatisfactory in any way; and that always lets our customers know if there is to be a delay in delivery. We are grateful to customers like you, because you confirm our beliefs that good service and quality result in satisfied customers. Without you, there would be no reason for us to be pleased or proud. We thank you for orders and for giving us the opportunity to be of service to you. Our special summer catalogue (商品目录) is at the printers and should be in your home soon. We hope that you will be pleased with the new selections. Yours faithfully, John Brow
  41. From the passage we can learn that MDC Company always . A、keeps its promise
B、provides the same products
C、sells it products at a low price
D、delivers its products without delay
  42. MDC Company believes that its customers are satisfied because the company . A、gives them opportunities to order
B、provides good service and quality
C、guarantees the quickest delivery
D、sends new catalogues to them
  43. The customers will be informed if . A、the product can’t be delivered on time
B、the products is out-of-date and unsatisfactory
C、the company doesn’t accept the returned product
D、the company can’t send a new catalogue on time
  44. The purpose of this letter is to . A、tell the customers about the quality of their products
B、express the company’s thanks to the customers
C、prove the excellent service of the company
D、inform the customers of a new catalogue
  45. What can we learn about the company? A、It has the largest number of customers.
B、It is grateful for its employees’ efforts.
C、It is successful in the market place.
D、It charges the least for its services.
Task 3 Directions: The following is an advertisement. After reading it, you should complete the information by filling in the blanks marker 46 to 50 in not more than 3 words in the table below. Thanks for using Metro (地铁 地铁) 地铁 Clean. Modern. Safe. And easy to use. No wonder Metro is considered the nation’s finest transit (公交) system. This guide tells how to use Metro, and the color-coded map on the inside will help you use Metro to get all around the Nation’s Capital. Metro-rail fares
  1. Each passenger needs a fare-card. (Up to two children under 5 may travel free with a paying customer.)
  2. Fares are based on when and how far you ride. Pay regular fares on weekdays 5:30-9:30 a.m. and 3:00-7:00 p.m. Pay reduced fares at all other times.
  3. Large maps in each station show fares and travel times. Please ask the station manager if you have any questions. Fare-card machines are in every station. Bring small banknotes because there are no change machines in the stations and fare-card machines only provide up to $5 in change (in coins). Some machines accept credit cards (信用卡).
A Transit System Metro Features of the system:
  1) (
  46) ,

  2) modern,
  3) safe, and
Fares for weekends: (
Place showing fares and travel times: large maps in(
Change provided by fare-card machines: up to $ (
Task 4 Directions: The following is a list of terms frequently used in medical services. After reading it, y ou are required to find the items equivalent to (与……等同)those given in Chinese in the list belo w. Then you should put the corresponding letters in brackets on the Answer Sheet, numbered 51 through
A Buses Only B No Parking C- -- No Standing D Police Cars Only E No U-Turn F No Admittance G No Entry By This Door H One Way Street I One Lane Bridge J Admission By Ticket Only K Admission Free L Keep Away M House To Let N Keep Order O Wet Paint P Line Up For Tickets Q No Posting of Signs R Seat By Number S Wheelchairs Only Example: (Q) 请勿张贴 (C)禁止停车候客


此门不通 房屋出租 排队购票 公交专用道
不得入内 单行道 凭票入场 对号入座



Task 5 Directions: There is an advertisement blow. After reading it, you are required to complete the statements that follow the questions (No. 56 to No.
  60). You should write your answers in no more than 3 words on the Answer Sheet correspondingly. Letter 1 June 10, 2006 Dear Sir or Madam, Last night the central heating system that you installed(安装) in our factory exploded. The explosion caused a great deal of damage and our stock of fashion clothes has been completely ruined. We must insist that you replace the heating system immediately and pay for our damaged stock, valued at $400,0
  00. We look forward to your reply. Yours faithfully, Bill Black Assistant Manager Letter 2 June 15,2006 Dear Mr. Black, We are writing in connection with the recent explosion at your factory. We would like to point out that we have been manufacturing heating systems for over 25 years and we have never had a complaint before. We have asked a surveyor to find out the cause of the explosion. We are hoping that we can provide you with a satisfactory answer soon. Yours sincerely, Mary Miller Service Manager
  56. What happened in the factory last night? The central heating system .

  57. What was the damage caused to the factory? The stock of was ruined.

  58. How much was the stock valued at? It was valued at .

  59. What did Bill Black demand in his letter? To replace and pay for the damage.

  60. What has been done by the heating system supplier? has been asked to find out the cause of the accident.
Part IV Translation English into Chinese (25 minutes) Directions: This part, numbered 61 to 65, is to test your ability to translate English into Chinese. Each of the four sentences (NO. 61 to NO.
  64) is followed by four choices of suggested Chinese translation marked A, B, C and D. Mark the best choice and write the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet. Write your translation of the paragraph (No.
  65) in the corresponding space on the Translation / Composition Sheet.

  61.Not surprisingly, many scientists predict that such changes in the clima



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